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Are you a caregiver?

Do you assist  a loved one living at home with everyday tasks, for example eating and getting dressed? Your friend or relative might need assistance for example due to old age, disability or long-term illness. If your friend or relative is in constant need of your assistance in order to get by at home, you have become a caregiver.

The Associaton of Carers in Helsinki and Vantaa provides support for caregivers in Helsinki and Vantaa regions. Families in which caregiving is needed should receive adequate support and enough means to maintain a sustainable everyday life. We offer information on caregiving in various languages, plus free counselling and guidance services for caregivers. If needed, counselling can also be provided with the help of an interpreter.

Contact information:

The Associaton of Carers in Helsinki and Vantaa

Tuulikki Hakala
h immigration support developer
046 922 3590

Farzaneh Hatami Landi
immigration support developer
046 920 3675

Organization office is open Mon–Thu 9 – 15:
Ratamestarinkatu 7
00520 Helsinki

A Guide for Carers – Opas omaishoitajalle

Identify Your Care Giving Situation – Tunnista omaishoitotilanne -esite

Am I a Carer? First-Hand Guide to Informal Care, Omaishoitajaliitto

Other useful information:

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